Chemicals & Services

Ecological and Economic Advantage

Sierra Chemical’s cleaning compounds are formulated to provide ecological and economic advantages. The surfactants and emulsifiers we use in our specialty cleaners are highly biodegradable compounds that provide economical and effective alternatives to other products.

In addition to supplying cleaning compounds in bulk, Sierra Chemical offers cosmetic cleaning systems and procedures to meet normal, less-intensive day-to-day cleaning needs. We have developed extensive technology in clean-up after disasters such as fires and explosions. Our highly trained and experienced field service technicians can relieve users of the necessity of hiring and training personnel for such large-scale and difficult cleanup work.

  • Faster, more dependable service with the capacity to meet emergency requirements 24 hours a day.
  • Reliability results from Sierra Chemical’s reputable position as a large regional company with an extensive inventory.
  • Sierra Chemical offers a complete product line for all janitorial and industrial cleaning products.

Do you require custom cleaning products?

We have specially designed synthetic detergents and degreasers for many industrial cleaning purposes. These are cleaning products made especially for oilfield machinery, oil production platforms, and drilling equipment.