Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Inspect and Maintain

Sierra Chemical will provide only professional high quality products and equipment for our customers use. We will inspect and maintain the equipment provided in A-1 condition at all times.

  • Tanks or totes poly or steel all are correctly sized for your facility needs.
  • Dispensing equipment foamers (water or air driven).
  • Proportioners will correctly dilute the product for the right job. All equipment is installed and serviced at no charge.
  • Bulk delivery systems are safe and efficient. Employees never have to be involved in loading or unloading chemicals drums or totes.
  • Proper product labeling and P.P.E. are posted in English and Spanish on all tanks.

Mobile and Stationary Dispensing Equipment

Sierra Chemical has developed a full line of mobile and stationary dispensing equipment utilizing 60-80 psi water pressure, 60-70 psi air pressure, air and water for foam, 150 psi for steam and water or other numerous proportions for different systems. Our systems are tailored to each plant's needs, facility layout, and resources available. Our dispensing systems have proven successful with oil refineries, petrochemical plants, newsprint mills, steel mills and concrete ready mix plants. We have adopted extensive sophisticated systems for offshore and onshore drilling operations, so no matter the cleaning requirements, Sierra has the ability to tailor a system that meets your need.

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