Industrial Services

Toll Blending

A popular, cost-effective and customized service, toll blending allows companies
with unique proprietary formulas to have their products mixed and processed
into a final blend. Rather your needs are big or small, we have the blenders and
equipment to mass produce a finished product. Learn more about our Custom Blending solutions.


Our Bulk-Delivery system offer blending and delivery services, on-site storage of cleaning compounds, and provides cost-effective solutions for all your maintenance and cleaning needs.

On-site Blending

All of our products are blended on site in our custom blending facility. Our larger blending vessels are mounted on industrial balances to ensure uniformity of blends.

Equipment Maintenance

We provide maintenance, on-site repairs and we monitor the equipment for better utilization and control of your chemical products.

sierra chemical chemical blending
colorful blend bottles
Sierra Chemical Industrial Cleaning Truck
Sierra Chemical Worker Managing a Small Tank with Chemicals

Sierra Chemical's best motivation is to create a mutually beneficial environment for you, our suppliers, our employees, and local communities.


Do products include directions?

Directions, descriptions, and safety warning are on the labels of every product that we sell.

After I place my order, when does the product ship or delivered?

Stocked orders can be delivered or shipped the next business day. Unless it is a special made product it will be shipped or delivered within 2 business days.

Can I set up a credit account?

You can contact the office and we will gladly send the credit application.
Approval of a credit account will depend on your company credit score.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we take Visa and MasterCard only.