Industry Services

Over 50% Labor Savings

We offer a full line of specialty chemicals that encompasses both maintenance and process products in various applications. With the selection and implementation of a Sierra Chemical cleaning system, the same cleaning chore can be completed with less than 20% of the former work force and a labor savings over 50%. Cleaning time is drastically reduced where previously required many man hours by large crews of workers.

Key Environmental Benefits

No harmful impact on nitrifying bacteria

Enhance waste water treatment plant bacteria growth


Reduce water consumption

Reduction of hazardous waste

Low B.O.D. - V.O.C. demand

Controlled oil emulsification

More efficient waste water processing

Security Is Our Priority

Sierra Chemical occupies a stand alone 16,000 ft2 facility. As outlined in 49CFR 172 Subpart I, a transportation/security plan has been written and is in place.

Our safety program incorporates proper work place use. Your employee safety is important to make sure they are clear on how to handle the chemicals and equipment. Our on-site consulting reviews and teaches about standard Ready Mix cleaning products to ensure their safe and effective use.

Our cleaning solutions have a high degree of ecological conformance and satisfies your waste system requirements. With quality containment systems, we work to prevent spillage in areas that are considered environmentally sensitive.

Engineer in front of chemical tanks

Additional Advantages

There are additional savings using cleaning compounds formulated to provide ecological and economical advantages because the surfactants, emulsifiers and citrus based solvents (which are biodegradable) are easily disposed of in most plants’ waste systems.

Sierra Chemical Overview

We have eliminated the following toxins most commonly used detergents today:

  • AlkylphenolEthoxylates (APE’s)
  • NonylphenolEthoxylates (NPE’s)
  • Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins (PBT’s)
  • USEPA Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s)
  • Arizona Ambient Air Quality Guideline List
  • Aquifer Protection Permit Pollutants.

Although Sierra Chemicals products are not registered as "Green," we make every effort to comply with national standards and our products are unquestionably eco-friendly.

It’s All About Service

  • With a fully stocked service department, we can build and maintain all styles of carts.
  • All Sierra Chemical storage tanks are labeled to conform with all regulations and maintained so your site keeps it’s professional appearance.
  • Operations and Service personnel are trained to provide the highest level of service in a safe and professional manner.

We Can Deliver

  • With multiple bulk transport trucks at it’s disposal, Sierra Chemical is always ready to deliver what you need when you need it.
  • All drivers are certified, licensed and trained in the shipping of hazardous materials.
  • All delivery and service personnel have completed the Houston Area Safety Council’s Basic Orientation plant safety course. Site specific courses are taken as required.
  • When emergencies happen, we are prepared to deliver twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Capable of in-plant tank-to-tank transfers if the need arises.