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Sierra's Total Care Systems For Ready Mix Trucks

Sierra Chemical has developed a complete system of products to clean protect and maintain concrete vehicles and handling equipment whether you are using the bucket and brush method or a mechanical wash system (air and water) foamer. Sierra’s products were designed to be a total system of easy to use chemicals that works together to clean improve appearance and protect metal or painted metal surfaces. Used properly the benefits are long term with extended equipment life, reduced maintenance cost and like new appearance can be realized.

Man cleaning a truck wearing protective wear

Consistent Products &  Equipment

We have found the key to eliminating the headaches associated with most Ready Mix Truck cleaning operations is the need to first establish consistent products and equipment protocol based on a commitment to preventative maintenance. A half-hearted effort by driver isn’t good enough in today’s economic times, as fewer miles, hours, and yards shipped will result in longer fleet life with some trucks more than 10 years old. As our customers have told us, clean trucks allow faster, more thorough pre-shift inspections that can help identify potential mechanical problems. Cleaner trucks are also safer trucks, as drivers and mechanics can easily mount inspection platforms and drivers steps.

Washing methods ultimately vary depending on the condition, age, and type of truck.

Advantages of Sierra’s Total Care System

  • The average life of trucks treated with Sierra’s Total Care system is between 10-15 years compared to the industry average of 5+ years.
  • Our Products make a big difference in the appearance (glossy) and the ability for concrete to not harden or bond on metal surfaces.
  • Sierra’s Total Care System cancels the need for acid products use on a daily basis!
  • Regular washing schedule saves time and money, which allows drivers more time to deliver concrete.

Construction Cleaning

To keep your concrete trucks clean and meeting safety and environmental requirements, our chemicals provide necessary solutions for maximum daily maintenance.

We are always striving to formulate products that provide a greater amount of ecologicalconformance.

Our chemicals meet E.P.A. and the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (T.C.E.Q.) control board standards.

Pick the Right Product for the Job

Product Heavy-Duty : Dilute Medium-Duty : Dilute Lite-Duty : Dilute
Crete Off4 : 110 : 120 : 1
HD - Foam Away5 : 115 : 125 : 1
Crete Brite10 : 120 : 130 : 1
Panther (Degreaser)20 : 140 : 160 : 1
Safe Crete10 : 130 : 150 : 1
Orange Crush5 : 110 : 120 : 1
  • Foam Away – HD Truck Wash- A high dilution alkaline detergent for washing cab to drum while providing a durable long lasting anti-corrosive protection for all metal surfaces. As a neutralizer Foam-Away will adjust the pH back to a neutral balance once washed with a low pH cleaner, preventing any further rust or corrosion to the metal.
  • Crete Off – A significantly low pH detergent for initially removing the heaviest concrete deposits, especially around the hopper, bull ring, and shute areas on the concrete truck. Crete Off is built with two new catatonic liquid inhibitors designed specifically for use in the industrial cleaning operations to prevent corrosion therefore making it up to 99.6% noninvasive on mild steel, stainless steel, cooper, and brass. The products are critical for chemical circulation of descaling operations of boiler heat exchangers and other closed systems
  • Crete Brite – Designed for truck daily maintenance program and phase II of a fleet rehab. program. A low pH high foaming cleaner the can be used in daily operations to remove road scum, film, grease, oil stains, exhaust deposits, oxidation, and light concrete. Also brightening all clear coat painted surfaces. Leaves drum and cab surfaces bright. Highly deludable with water providing economy and performance.
  • Orange Crush – Designed as a pre-soak to heavy duty cleaning of bugs, tar, fuel stains, and white scum film that most cleaners wont touch. Has all biodegradable surfactants with a natural occurring citric acid and solvent making it non toxic, non corrosivecleaner. While safe to use with a brush on cabs and aluminum frames, also works on light concrete and daily grim.
  • Safe Crete – An environmentally safe and friendly buffered low pH cleaner. Proven not harmful to bare skin and produces less than 10% of the fumes associated with like cleaners. Designed to clean and maintain concrete trucks’, cab to drum, or bumper to bumper. An effective cleaner for heavy concrete buildups on the hopper, bull ring, and shute areas. It will not etch aluminum based metals, glass, electrical wiring, plastics, and clothing.

The daily practice of safely and correctly cleaning mixer trucks is a routine based on the individual needs of the customer and their environment.

Sierra Chemical Truck Washing

Do you require custom cleaning products?

We have specially designed synthetic detergents and degreasers for many industrial cleaning purposes. These are cleaning products made especially for oilfield machinery, oil production platforms, and drilling equipment.