Paper Mills

Paper Mill Cleaning

Our specialists have years of technical expertise to overcome any cleaning obstacle in the paper industry. Sierra Chemical offers cleaning products to help clean throughout your pulp and paper mill.

Some of our industrial cleaning services include:

  • Fabric cleaning products. Wet felts, press fabrics and dryer felts
  • Boilout products for thick and thin stock systems
  • General purpose degreasers
  • Hood cleaners and aluminum brighteners
  • Alkaline & Acid wet end cleaners
  • Inorganic scale removal. Barium Sulfate, Aluminum Sulfate, Calcium
  • Coater boilouts and cleaners
  • Floor cleaners
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Do you require custom cleaning products?

We have specially designed synthetic detergents and degreasers for many industrial cleaning purposes. These are cleaning products made especially for oilfield machinery, oil production platforms, and drilling equipment.