Petrochem and Refining

Specialty Chemicals

Sierra Chemical has an extensive line of specialty chemicals formulated specifically for the refining petro-chemical industry. Use of the right product, at the proper concentration with the appropriate application equipment results in the most cost-effective cleaning operation.

Refining - Refurbish for Crude and Coker Units

For the refining industry, we have incorporated a re-furbishing program for crude and coker unit, or those that have not been maintained properly.  We will supply the chemicals, manpower and equipment to completely clean units with rust issues, impacted oil/grease areas that normally require hydro-blasting or concentrated chemical to clean and restore for a contract fee.

Most areas can be restored with low pressure hot water and Sierra's restoration process. We first developed this process in the petrochemical refining industry where developed extensive technology in clean-ups after disasters, such as plant fires and explosions. Our highly trained and experienced field service technicians can bring expertise quickly on a large scale and difficult clean up work.

We also excel in chemically cleaning fin-fans, with minimal invasive pressure with no damage to the fan blades or piping.

Sierra Chemical Industrial Cleaning Truck
Sierra Chemical Pipe Oils
Sierra Chemical Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Do you require custom cleaning products?

We have specially designed synthetic detergents and degreasers for many industrial cleaning purposes. These are cleaning products made especially for oilfield machinery, oil production platforms, and drilling equipment.